Woman Brings Epic Meal For Her Husband’s 40th Birthday

Gilles Andrier described the perfect dinner for her husband. He had ordered chicken, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes and turkey. But that’s only part of what the woman – a self-proclaimed “foodie” – had arranged to fill the table with. She was also bringing “friends from all over to celebrate, some fellow travelers, and a good dose of motivation.”

Enter the British woman, Carie Andrier – aka Chef Bob, according to The Guardian – and her famous spread of mash. Andrier agreed to help her husband celebrate his 40th anniversary, but she shared a photo of the massive meal she planned for him on the side of Instagram. Within 24 hours of the photo going viral, she says the response was “overwhelming.” She found herself overwhelmed.

“Wife-sharing is now officially an thing,” Andrier wrote on the photo’s comment page. “Just wow.”

“Back for Thanksgiving dinner and I was overwhelmed by such an amazing meal, I feel like a big kid. Tears,” it states in the comments. Another asked how one usually is able to cook such an elaborate meal in a regular kitchen.

The Chatham-Kent Foodie posted the final picture of the dinner, which shows a group of people toasting with a delicious cola punch. We’re just glad they were there to say the hell with the small group of good friends and movies and just come for the big, massive feast.

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