Lighter, cleaner vodka has a new flavor: Cabernet Sauvignon


Covid’s newest variant has been called an incense packet. It’s different from the ones you’ve used in the past because it is a clearer product, according to a news release from “Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America.”

The foundation’s president, Dr. Olga Vreeland, and Allergy Health contributor, Dr. Suzanne Schapiro, said when inhaled, the new lighter spirit penetrates deeper into the lungs, making it more of a safer alternative. Covid’s environmental health spokesperson, Monica DeGaetano, said the sample weighed 12 grams.

It’s sold in a generic name only, a slightly less pronounced “carbon dark” as the middle letter. It’s become the latest example of how marketing in the otherwise socially conscious food industry has grown more simplified and limited.

The family that produces the gin, Own Infinity, is owned by Erica and Jared Elkins. Daughter Lindsay-Erin, called her father’s idea to make a lighter, clearer Covid a good move for the environment. If craft distilleries get into “selling most of what they make, if you can be more sustainable, do what’s right for the environment, then you’re going to see more people that are going to drink it,” she said.

Mr. Elkins also took this opportunity to explain how the distillery values its human environment and therefore uses the same fuels in the factory as other manufacturing and food companies do.

The producers of the oil ethanol that powers the distillery’s furnaces and creates the alternative energy to endow their distillery buildings for energy are widely known for their proactive sustainability and for having cleaner carbon emissions than fossil fuel-based utilities.

The distillery also partners with medical and physical therapists to do training on different components and tools of distilling. That helps them run their event, The Whiskey Barns, year-round. (By comparison, the Greenbrier, one of the country’s older distilleries, only runs its operation year-round.)

Covid’s alternative to cotton candy

Some liquor products come with additional ingredients, but it’s rare that a single product has two new ones on its packaging.

Covid’s new flavored alternative, Cabernet Noir, has been called “richer and sweeter.” But some vodka distillers have brands, such as Barefoot Vodka, that include other flavorings such as pear or tangerine.

The company also offered a Korean clear spirit called Intourist, which is wheat, and is made with rice, buckwheat and rice whiskey juice. The label design and packaging, such as the reverse-capsules, help to sweeten it up, according to the news release.

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