Actress Emily Reiser talks about photographing her own family

“I don’t know how my career has me dedicated to this

I just feel like I’m at a really pivotal moment.”

-Emily Reiser

Emily Reiser is a photographer whose work centers on climate change, genocide and “the rituals of murder.”

“We knew we wanted to do a fiction-photography show about a body in space but we didn’t know we wanted it to be all about us,” she said in an interview with CNN’s John Berman on “Newsroom.”

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Reiser created the work with author Angela Carter and herself playing the role of Carter as she walked around the world, collecting photos and realizing how important it is to the spirit of mankind to look at the world that we’re living in.

It’s something she tells her kids. In fact, her daughter asked if the six time zone that she lives in is a good idea for a girl with long hair.

“We are what we look at,” she said.

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Video By: Ellie Kinsella

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