Wayne Pacelle: Toys for kids and grownups

This holiday season there are several new and super cute books for kids that adults can also enjoy. They may include books for fans of food and cookbooks for grownups.

“Cooking Made Easy, America’s Cookbook” by Jim Sterling and Mary Kay and Andrew Gareis, was published in 2012. I recently had the pleasure of reading a couple of sections of this book together. It includes some great suggestions on how to enhance your kitchen routine. Cooking with Lasagne is definitely my new, go-to recipe. I now make it for the weekend. For a really sweet treat, try cutting a few slices of cheesecake and frosting them.

“Joanna Blyth: My Favorite Books” by Joanna Blyth is a collection of 72 photos of her favorite books that she has collected over the years. I can say that I would most likely remember several of the books that my child will read as he or she grows up.

“How to Do This” by Toni Hunt keeps the message of kindness within the family and the organization that’s helping her daughter. This includes children with disabilities and her other daughter’s sister who is autistic. Hunt plans to see her 14-year-old daughter, Samantha, graduate from high school and earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Samantha was also accepted to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She met her goal of receiving her first paycheck this past year.

“I got You” by Katy Armstrong brings the humor and stories for young girls for the holiday season. In the book, little girls relate with stories and animals they meet along the way. Armstrong also has a series called “Chicken Shack.” She also hosted a children’s television show called “Arty’s Game Show Show” which ran from 2002-2005. She has been an executive producer of “For Babies.”

“Joy of Baking – How to Bake the Perfect Brownie, Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, Cookies and Rolled Cookies” by Neal Peirce is one of my favorite books for young kids. The creative drawings are stunning. Peirce also wrote the children’s book “The Cannery Adventures” and the syndicated newspaper column “The Farmer’s Daughter.”

“My Favorite Cookbook!” by Irene Schieszmann is also by one of my favorite authors. This includes a great mix of foods for adults and children.

“How to Make Decorated Hot Dogs from My Grandmother’s Cookbook” by Jeannette Becker is also a cookbook in the remembrance genre. There are many variations of the history of American hot dogs and the stories behind many of them.

Children of all ages, even if they are adults, will find some of these books appropriate for their own Christmas celebrations. One gift book of books can be a great option this holiday season. For more ideas on gifts, stop by our Gifts for Kids site.

Wayne Pacelle is the President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States.

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