How to get on the real estate radar of Canada’s mortgage banks, bankers, construction companies, and operators

Tenants move in in April 2018. © Drew Altizer | Getty Images

Buying a home can take some time and there can be many different assumptions to make. We’ve identified a semi-detached house in Hamilton that might be your next opportunity to snap up property — if it’s found.

Location — Hamilton, Ontario

Address — 4665 St. Mary Street

Address — 4665 St. Mary Street Number of units — four

Number of units — four Price range — approximately $300,000 to $650,000

Inspection on 12/7/2018 — 5:30 p.m.

Family Law solicitor in Canada

Income tax filing status — Seniors

Property tax — $268 for 1 year

Mortgage mortgage –mortgage: $1,400 / monthly payment; interest + principal + interest

The view! Courtesy of Sarah Russell and Michael Boyd

Rentals: No plans

Current lease agreement, at the time of our call

Car accessed by front door

Open doors

Laundry, with water available from laundry room

Monitored heated patio

Guests, not visible in photos

Includes detached garage, light electric, and shower, and composting tank

Second floor







Fitness room


Kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and small utility area, with a shower. Scranton resident, home with a masonry patio and terrace

Storage off the garage

State-of-the-art security

Accommodations, and storage

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