Home of the week: ‘Cobalt green, pink and sparkly black’, St Pancras

There’s a lot to love about this Soho condo: the north-facing east-facing apartments are right on the lines of New York city views, it has a private garden patio and there’s a super-relaxed kitchen designed by the husband-and-wife team behind Norley Craig. The apartments have personal parka-warming areas, each room has a stone base and the bathrooms are clad in an exotic green material called reverse-osmosis latex linseed. An extension above the common roof terrace rises to create more space for entertaining and a studio apartment is the perfect alternative to take up when parents get tired of sharing a home with three preteens.

Savour the cocktail bar and sleep in the marble master bath, and there’s the added bonus of a small European-style library down the road. There are two double bedrooms, and the bathroom suites each have a powder room and a terrace.

• Home of the week by Homewares by Lisa Smith, asummershowroom.com

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