Ontario issues 1,000 new mining permits after outdated maps

Breaking news at 12:45pm ET. The province of Ontario has just issued nearly 1,000 new mining permits over the past week.

The only problem? A local First Nation says the maps used to show where they are located were old and inaccurate.

This map was used by the government to approve almost 1,000 new mining permits. Premier Doug Ford says he’s ‘disappointed’ by the situation:

One of the documents containing incorrect information provided to meet government approval threshold https://t.co/8ELmrSkeJd pic.twitter.com/rmK6wnJaeH — Toronto Sun (@TheTorontoSun) April 20, 2020

Read the full story: It was an old map they used to approve mine permits, Ontario First Nation says

The province says it’s working to fix the issue by compiling an updated map of the band’s land use and land use amendments which will be completed by the end of the year.

Watch: In 19 years of radio, 886 calls, I’ve never heard anything like this:

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