Tatiana Calderon leads all-female Formula 3 all-female series

Image copyright Tatiana Calderon Image caption Calderon said she would have to change team colours if she wanted to keep her special team colours

Tatiana Calderon is leading the way for an all-female team in the Formula 3 all-female series.

Twenty-two-year-old Pole Calderon, who was born in Colombia, is driving for race team Essentia Racing this season.

She switched from youth-event circuit programme Porsche Racing to Essentia to make her second attempt at Formula 3 after failure in 2012.

“When I took up Formula 3 I was really one of a few women on the circuit so it is great I am the only one so far,” she said.

The Formula 3 all-female series is not being pursued by the F3 world series, which makes it quite unique.

Asked if she thought her all-female team would have an advantage, Calderon said: “A lot of women out there always want to race on their own track, which has big differences compared to men’s tracks. It should create some interesting matches.

“The benefits of the all-female team would be mainly for a presence. I know many women who are aspiring for motorsport and I think it is also better for a man to see a woman driving Formula 3 and maybe motivate them to pursue Formula 3.

“I would think something different if I was driving an all-male team. From a technical point of view I would have to change cars and cars colors.

“It’s been a long journey to get to this point and it’s great to be able to achieve something important for women.”

Eleven women are competing this season in the other FIA-recognised Formula 3 championship, which includes a men’s and women’s competition.

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