Kanye West and Virgil Abloh unite to cover Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’ in a stunning fashion movie

Kanye West has paid tribute to Virgil Abloh by covering Adele’s “Easy on Me” in the surprise musical feature “Film by Virgil Abloh.”

Abloh, the fashion designer who designed some of the looks for West’s Yeezy Season 4 show at New York Fashion Week, was known in the photography world for his inspiring, riveting fashion films that would regularly appear during his runway shows.

Whether you were watching or the few handfuls of people who wrote about it, it was an incredible conceptual choice for a piece that could have ended up being just another concert film. And somehow, it fits everything that Abloh is trying to accomplish on the creative level, an obsession that has him pushing fashion, technology and music together in exactly the way that would be expected from the likes of West and Christopher Nolan in a dream-like vision.

West and Abloh have had a history of support and support for each other. After the release of Yeezy Season 2, a documentary of the fashion line’s making, Abloh said that his collaboration with West “gave me new ideas, something to share with other designers.”

“One of the things about Kanye, and one of the things about fashion in general, is that it’s not really just about showing what you can build. It’s about building on certain things,” Abloh told FIT News. “The experiment really resonated with people because of the rock ‘n’ roll. I like using music in fashion because the heart of music is the heart of fashion. The heart of rock ‘n’ roll and the heart of fashion are very similar in the fact that it was this underlying belief and energy that always existed between people.”

This Sunday Service photo of “Easy on Me” fit perfectly with West’s message of “joy.”

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