Sorry, Not Sorry: Alec Baldwin Slams Actor Paul Newman’s ‘Power Trip’

Alec Baldwin became well known for his recent tweet rants about President Trump (and some people’s responses to them) but took a different tact during an interview with GQ magazine, slamming what he called actor Paul Newman’s “power trip.”

“He’s kind of old-school acting,” Baldwin told GQ about Newman. “Because whatever age you are, it doesn’t matter: You’re still getting young people to pay money to see you.”

This same question was brought up during Alec’s interview, with GQ asking about the difference between acting in the ’60s compared to today.

“I don’t really want to do that,” he answered. “I can’t say that it’s not different. I’m tired of doing interviews where there’s always this gaggle of people coming up and saying, ‘I’m in the Trump movie with you.’ I can’t say that that doesn’t matter. For me, there’s no difference. They’re both life, in my case life on film. That’s really what we’re doing. I think about those days of another actor who was beloved, Paul Newman, who really raised the bar, made the movie a big classic, a classic. But now [actor] is everywhere. He does all this cool stuff. But I just want to do it.”

When GQ asked Alec if he used to have to discuss his politics, he replied that he stopped doing it because it didn’t come across as genuine.

“I don’t necessarily want to talk about politics; I’m not a politician,” he said. “I don’t know a politician that is pretending they’re not f**king up or messing up. You do that if you’re not f**king up. You want to be honest.”

Some critics could see the irony in Baldwin’s interview — given that the tweet rants about President Trump started after the first meeting between the two leaders.

Baldwin went on to give a response to an unnamed critic about Trump’s conduct at that meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: “He acts like he’s auditioning for a superhero movie. But the fact is, if I had been in that room, I would have probably said the same things.”

Baldwin’s recent interview with GQ comes just a day after he was honored with an accolade at a New York Comic Con-sponsored event.

Watch Baldwin’s response to being inducted into Comedy Hall of Fame at the event here:

WATCH: Alec Baldwin is honored at New York Comic Con

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