Alec Baldwin’s latest political gaffe led to Hillary Clinton’s awkward response

This week, Alec Baldwin’s tell-all interview in the New York Times’ Joseph Vogel raised eyebrows when he claimed that he did not sleep with the first President Clinton. The public was surprised, asking why he would say such a thing, especially since even President Bill Clinton, in response to the same question, claimed to have slept with a hundred women.

“The reason I think it matters what I have said about the Clintons is that they’ve become so powerful on the political scene,” said Baldwin, referring to Donald Trump. “I get very frustrated when my two nephews from my marriage to Kim Basinger, who live in New York, are told by the Trump campaign staff, ‘We’re going to make Alec Baldwin some kind of target. Just a little jab over at one of our debates and we’ll make sure people think he kissed Hillary.’ “

The following day, Entertainment Tonight aired a video of Baldwin’s father asking the question. “I’m making you my own little joke on this one. My son is a Republican,” Alec’s father stated. “And I have to say, he did say, ‘Hey, it’s going to be just a little dig. Let’s get the Trump campaign to make it about me.’ “

“See, I’m with my dad now,” Alec responded. “Right?”

Baldwin later said that his response did not reflect in any way his support for Trump. He went on to state that “I don’t know if you want to make any kind of joke out of that. I mean, it’s possible. I would have been laughed out of every town hall since the 70s if I said, ‘Kisses for Hillary.’ But no.”

After the interview, a powerful and bipartisan group of celebrities tweeted their support for the actor:

Wrestler Shawn Michaels: “U r my hero and love u dearly, but I don’t give a **** about your political stance”

Billy Dee Williams: “I had a Presidential speech 10 minutes long on the first line of the Democratic National Convention. Good luck with u letting US know why u will serve us well.”

Henry Winkler: “Trumpy’s driving a white van with no name on it. I’ve got to get him a 2015 Harley Electra Glide for his birthday. Didn’t know I had this kinda feeling!”

Judd Apatow: “Just read or heard @ABFalecbaldwin is getting a $1000,000 advance to tell lies about the Clintons. Hilaria defends it. What part of the phrase ‘well qualified’ are you guys not getting? I’ll vote for you if we have a Federal Voting Contest.”

Seth MacFarlane: “Welcome to the year we’re proving the #MeToo movement doesn’t apply to us.”

Mark Ruffalo: “Dear @ABFalecbaldwin. We’re sorry to hear what you’ve said, but Trump isn’t stopping us! #Shamebabadababababababa”

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