Reality TV Star Mark Cuban Buys Town in Texas

Reality TV star/entrepreneur Mark Cuban is being described as the “modern day Don Quixote,” in connection with the unveiling of a billboard across from Dallas’ Cowboys Stadium — in Mustang, Texas, announcing his purchase of the town’s entire town. “The parking lot of … the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas Texas. The town of Mustang Texas gets bought by ‘the only billionaire in America,’” the billboard reads.

According to the company selling the town, The Mustang-Dilworth Group, residents of Mustang will soon be able to swim, hike, and golf in the same place where the Dallas Cowboys play football. “We believe sports and civic pride can be a potent combination,” the company says on its Facebook page.

The Black Team Motorcycle Club, which is located in The Mustang-Dilworth Group, is celebrating the news. “We ain’t no bums: You can’t buy our highway views, nor ole Caddo Lake views, with a pair of Bambino sunglasses and a drawstring duffel bag full of cheap cigarettes,” the motorcycle club wrote on Facebook.

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