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School inspectors were thrown into the spotlight in the wake of high-profile investigations into Ottawa’s Sir John A. Macdonald high school and Toronto’s Sir James Dunn high school. Schools the Ontario College of Teachers has revoked the Ontario College of Teachers’ certificates for are located in Ontario, but not in all parts of the province.

A quick search on the CountyWide Schools website ( is our starting point. Every name and number in this feature should appear as the surname that appears on the certificate that appears on the website.

Schools in Ontario are provided with a copy of their professional standards booklet. The bulletin contains information on substance abuse and mental health, and a column summarizing information of substance abuse to discuss best practices.

Please note that the University of Guelph and Brampton District schools do not feature. U of G and BCDS do not have to register each student in provincial inspection. The BCD has set up a program to ensure that schools in every geographic area of BC are inspected, making it easy to trace their own past inspections.

Enrolment of students in the following district can be tracked on the website (click on a screen to access the different district here):

Administrative district: Sault Ste. Marie District, Algoma District, Manitoulin District, Huron Central District, Chatham-Kent District, Northwestern Ontario District, Wanuskewin District, Northern Ontario District, Grey Bruce District, Lambton Kent District, Essex District, Greater Sudbury District, East Gwillimbury District, Thunder Bay District, Manawaska District, Newmarket District.

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