Nigerian government rejects report on toll gate attack

In a surprising move, Nigerian officials have rejected a report by a government panel established to investigate an attack on a high-speed toll gate in Lekki, an upscale area in Lagos that connects it to the island of Victoria Island, and declared that the report was “fake news” and part of a “witch hunt.”

In the report, however, noted journalists and civil society members found the toll gate to be extremely dysfunctional. The CEO of a company that handled the work on the toll gate said it needed an overhaul and permission to operate the toll, while the drivers that operated the toll gate were unable to accept payment from drivers, which caused traffic jams, while the driver who purchased the license plate was trying to defraud the state and made the license plate personalized for profit.

The judges, including respected Nigerian journalist Femi Falana, noted that despite the findings of the report, only 400 lorries were awarded registration, signifying that the state’s toll was not affordable to these vehicles and that this showed “gross inefficiency and incompetence on the part of the Lagos State government.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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