New York District Attorney to Alec Baldwin: ‘We are looking into the incident’

District Attorney Stephen R. LaTourette is responding to Alec Baldwin after the actor claimed it was “unlikely” that he would be charged in the shooting of a man who allegedly called him an “idiot” outside a New York City restaurant.

“There is an ongoing investigation to determine exactly what happened. All I can say at this time is that we are looking into the incident and Mr. Baldwin has not been indicted. As that matter is ongoing, we cannot comment further,” LaTourette told Good Morning America on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Baldwin took to Twitter to explain that his instinctual response was to defend himself, as a man had come up to him and asked, “Hey Alec, how ya doin?’ (apparently is right now) just a question. I responded by saying, ‘Be cool, man,'” the actor wrote. “A guy then came up to me and said, ‘Hey, Alec, how ya doin’?'”

“I said, ‘Fine, how ya doin?’,” Baldwin continued. “Then this guy then says to me, ‘F–k you. F–k your show.’ I said, ‘What show?’ He said, ‘My show.'”

“I reached into my pocket for my phone. I said, ‘What?’ He then said, ‘Die, b–ch,'” Baldwin stated, adding that the man then “exploded” in anger. “That’s when my fiancee Hilaria, who was standing right behind me, told him to stop. He looked at her and just kept going,” he explained. “He said the N-word a few times, chased me up the street and tackled me to the ground.”

Although LaTourette has yet to announce whether there will be charges, Baldwin concluded his explanation about the incident with a simple “f–k you.”

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