‘He’s a horrible actor’: John Schneider slams Alec Baldwin for Parkland comments

It’s no secret that there is some tense banter between John Schneider and Alec Baldwin these days, but things just got personal. On Monday, when Schneider was on The Late Show, he slammed the actor for saying he wasn’t the “gun guy” who killed the alleged Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz. “He’s a horrible actor. And I worked with him,” Schneider said. “And you know what I can say about him? He has no credibility, because he admitted he didn’t pull the trigger.”

Schneider’s comments followed Baldwin’s remarks about Cruz after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Baldwin spoke about how he was appalled that Cruz’s parents did not seek treatment for their son’s problems. “It’s disturbing, and I don’t understand it. Why does someone who’s experienced violence in their home, and knows how to handle violence, and becomes a professional killer — I don’t know what it means that he didn’t find some way to get help for that?” Baldwin said. “Nobody should be able to just shoot and kill people like this, to begin with. How in the world does it happen?”

Schneider replied to Baldwin’s comments by questioning his self-worth. “He actually said that. He didn’t pull the trigger? That’s quite something. I never suspected that he was that stupid,” he said. The actor’s reasoning was based on the fact that Baldwin’s career isn’t on the upswing anymore and he’s had a number of acting roles that haven’t worked out. “I don’t care about his acting,” Schneider said. “I work in a town called the Hollywood Hills, and everybody’s buying houses in my neck of the woods. I couldn’t care less what he did for a living, really.”

A couple of days after the interview, Schneider got the chance to make his feelings known publicly when he wrote a blistering open letter on Facebook. “Mr. Alec Baldwin is a stinking piece of garbage,” Schneider wrote. “Leave Hollywood to those who give a damn about theater, or art. A career is not some distant abstraction. It is an accomplishment. Did he just say that ‘if he pulled the trigger…he would never again act in films.’ I’ll let you decide if that’s the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard.” He went on to call Baldwin “a senselessly perverted effete zero,” and concluded by saying, “My profession is not mine. It belongs to someone else. Alec, and everyone else who stinks of the same filthy shit, please stop belittling actors. It is beneath you and your mother. Get a fucking grip.”

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