TOPIC of the Day: China, Trump Card and Taiwan

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The Trump card and China. President Trump taking off the table the ability of a foreign country to meddle in our electoral process.

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Leading in on this President Trump address to be delivered in South Korea.

Also our intel gathering is up to date as it has been since 2009, the same time Obama left office.

The President has made it clear he would leave that card out of his hands to the extent that he can but like I told him he can still beat China by taking over Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing.

That change could cause one-one hundred percent over $500 billion of capital to return back into our economy.

President Trump working with Taiwan officials to end military conflict with China. We would go the distance rather than settle for China winning.

Canceling US participation in the, Oslo Asia Peace Forum to show our continued commitment to honoring the One China policy.

China really struggling. They are losing. What is to become of them?

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