South Korea to become first nation to launch ’10-minute city’ by 2022

South Korea hopes to become the first nation to launch a high-tech “10-minute city” in the next two years.

According to The Korea Herald, the project — already in the planning stages — will be called “Nami-dong.” The name is a term used in Korea to refer to an area of 10 minutes or less from a central location.

The city will feature low- or no-emission buildings, electric vehicle charging stations, self-driving cars, and solar power systems.

The project is being conducted by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

“The Nami-dong project is a smart, zero-emission city project that can become an ideal environment for corporate and individual life,” a project spokesman said, according to the Korea Herald.

Nami-dong will not only provide a green lifestyle, but also provide jobs and decrease traffic congestion.

Nami-dong was introduced in a government map and official economic strategy document.

However, officials are hoping the city will be ready in two years.

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