Jim Anzack murder: Suspect reveals details of brutal murder

Image copyright Frank Scatocchini Image caption Mr Scatocchini was believed to have been in jail when his body was cut up

A Montana inmate who confessed to killing a US teacher in 1968 has revealed the details of the brutal crime in a court hearing, 37 years after it took place.

Frank Scatocchini, 75, has spent most of his adult life in and out of jail after being convicted of killing Frank Anzack in Sedgwick County.

Mr Anzack’s body parts were found dismembered and dumped in one of Yellowstone National Park’s natural canyons.

Scatocchini pleaded guilty in March to second-degree murder.

It was the first time in his legal career that he had admitted to the crime.

He told judge Kelsey Swain he was guilty of dismembering and disposing of Mr Anzack’s body, as well as bringing the human remains to Yellowstone National Park.

Photo: US District Court for the District of Montana

Mr Anzack, 37, was murdered in his girlfriend’s home while he was being treated for depression and severe alcoholism.

Scatocchini confessed to removing his victim’s head, which he and his partner cut into small pieces.

Sometime later, they dismembered him with a chainsaw, he told the judge.

Scatocchini also told the court that he disposed of Mr Anzack’s body parts after driving along Montana’s Yellowstone Interstate Highway.

At the time of the murder, Mr Anzack was visiting Missoula to give classes at St Martin’s University.

Mr Anzack was a Canadian-born teacher at Casper College, in Casper, Wyoming.

Both Mr Anzack and Mr Scatocchini were Catholic and had previously been abusive partners.

Mr Scatocchini has told the court that he strangled Mr Anzack and another man he had been drinking with before cutting him up and throwing his body parts into the Yellowstone River.

Photo: US District Court for the District of Montana

He told the judge that he and his partner committed the murder after a “violent argument” and that he was “upset with himself” for committing the murder.

Mr Scatocchini is scheduled to be sentenced on 24 October and faces a maximum of 60 years in prison.

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