Best TV shows of 2019, 2019, and 2021

The new year will bring with it a variety of newcomers, the return of some favorites, and some “what was that?!” gems. Here’s our list of the best TV shows of 2021.

1. EastEnders: Dixie will discover Abi is pregnant and Jack confesses to Max.

2. Broadchurch: In 2015, Gracie’s father died, prompting Jimmy to take matters into his own hands.

3. The Handmaid’s Tale: Offred (Elisabeth Moss) returns to the scene of the crime — where she serves a court-sanctioned life sentence.

4. Star Trek: Picard: Next to speak with the Vulcan is a no-more Picard, with Michael Dorn taking over the role for the series premiere.

5. Sex Education: This series will feature a teenager who, until her parents unknowingly allow her to attend a sex therapy class, had been seen as asexual.

6. Orange Is the New Black: One of the inmates of Litchfield tries to start a new life by re-opening the basketball team.

7. The Americans: Soviet spies are beginning to question their loyalty to their country.

8. Fuller House: DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) returns to her beloved family after a 12-year absence.

9. 13 Reasons Why: Hannah Baker’s suicide has sparked a global debate.

10. Good Doctor: The latest real-life cure for autism takes center stage.

11. Elementary: Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) are back on the case.

12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The new series stars Andy Samberg and Terry Crews.

13. The Inexplicable: This series consists of four short episodes about the very essence of creation.

14. Handmaid’s Tale Season 2: Waterford reveals the truth about Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) while Serena reveals that Eleanor (Madeline Brewer) is in danger.

15. Grey’s Anatomy: Joining the swelling cast is Kristin Bell, who will play the mother of Callie’s (Sara Ramirez) baby.

16. Westworld: The rest of the story of William and Edmond is revealed.

17. Twin Peaks: Det. Hawk (Sean Bridgers) must choose between getting ahead of the suspect.

18. Billions: Nominee for the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series.

19. Crashing: Pete (Pablo Schreiber) leaves live-in girlfriend Sadie (Rita Wilson) for Amanda (Rachel Dratch), while Debbie (Jennifer Finnigan) remains in the shelter.

20. Emmy Wada series: This series, to be based on Wada’s father-in-law, will highlight life with an entire family of extraordinary people.

21. The Twilight Zone: Trying to read in a massive forest sounds like a healthy way to break the monotony of modern life, right?

22. Bridget Jones’s Baby: Unmarried Jack (Colin Firth) gets pregnant and Emily (Renee Zellweger) learns how to be a mother.

23. The Deuce: Showrunner David Simon returns to HBO with an exploration of the sex industry in 1970s New York.

24. Whiskey Cavalier: After a very public sex scandal, Hunt (Scott Foley) wrestles with a number of issues before running into Jeremy (James Van Der Beek) and his old pals.

25. The Chi: Chicago is rocked by its first ever homicide.

26. Survivor: It’s off to a very rocky start for a number of castaways.

27. Homecoming: The terrifying and dangerous world of Walter Keane (Emmy Rossum) continues to unravel.

28. Mary Kills People: After the death of her boyfriend, Mary (Juliette Lewis) begins helping terminally ill patients end their lives.

29. American Horror Story: Evan Peters returns as Supreme Chadwick Boseman, but the clues point to Evan’s brother’s madness.

30. The Chi: Malcolm Lee directs himself again, having previously directed some of the best episodes of the crime drama.

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