Famed conservative radio show host Steve Gutfeld in Atlanta Nov. 4-6 at Cobb Auditorium

Gutfeld reveals the 'root cause' of crime in the United States from Oct. 6–14 at the 576 Event Center in Cobb County, Georgia. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through Eventbrite.

“Evil really does lurk in the body. So, who could be the most evil person in the body? It’s a theocratic fanatic with a hemophilia,” says Gutfeld. “He does good in the world, but when things start to get more risky, he goes dark. He’s a xenophobe that finally seizes control of the world.”

You’ll have to see the show to find out which politician got the nod, but Gutfeld cites an unlikely politician. “The bureaucratic smear campaign relies on [an] apologist in Governor John Kasich who, we believe, is being appointed because he is centrist and moderate,” says Gutfeld. “But if you read Kasich’s diary, you see that he moved from evangelical to paganism because God was so pissed at him over gay people getting married.”

Gutfeld says there is a lot of hypocrisy surrounding the cause of crime and that the problem is much bigger than what people know. “We got the error we believe in the Bible wrong. Jesus said to be faithful to your neighbor. I saw it on CNN this week: They spent a fortune on church programs to help the poor so that the politicians could be as rich as they wanted,” says Gutfeld. “That bothers me. I say, some things don’t matter; politics matter. And God really only cares about the poor.”

For information and to buy tickets to the upcoming Gutfeld show, visit www.576eventcenter.com/events

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