Climate Science Solutions Graphics Coordinator Shows How Climate Change Affects U.S. Cities

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Climate change just keeps getting worse, well that according to Washington, D.C. based Climate Science Solutions where researchers have put together a map of climate change across the globe. Now, a reality TV star is illustrating the threat by creating an interactive map of murder in major cities.

FOX’s Kyle Griffin reports in this segment of “Your World”:

Dr. Karen Danforth is the Senior Fellow for Global Security at the Council on Foreign Relations and helped develop the Climate Science Solutions interactive map:

(Danforth) “This research contains some serious science but also some … it has an eye for metaphor.”

The Climate Science Solutions interactive map from the American Meteorological Society is meant to explain how nature is changing not only the climate but also Earth’s natural systems.

The group has also developed interactive tools on its website that highlights climate change and political turmoil in some of the world’s top cities.

It is interactive by clicking on every green dot to illustrate climate change’s impact on each city.

At the American Meteorological Society in New Jersey, Kyle Griffin, FOX News.

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