WATCH: Suspect pointed firearm at taxi driver, CCTV footage from CCTV shows

The following analysis of CCTV footage from the Lekki toll gate shooting by Brian Fagunwa (another answer below) is based on the following:

I. CCTV footage from close to the scene of the incident, showing an unarmed driver at the toll gate that appeared to be acting as a lookout at about 10:32 AM, on 17 March, yesterday. At 10:32 PM, a silver SUV arrives at the toll gate. Two passengers step out. One of them is seen to reach towards the petrol pump indicating he had just filled a tank, while the other reaches towards the taxi station carrying what appears to be a gun. The suspect is indeed holding what appears to be a long gun; short of being an M16 rifle. The attendant of the latter, while confirming his receipt of fare into the garage behind the outlet, turns to the other victim and smiles and hands him the bill. He too nods and leaves.

II. CCTV footage from a distance, showing the gate attendant who stops at the gate, waiting at close range, before approaching the passenger of the car, pressing the firearm down on the steering wheel, approaching the other passenger and then pointing the firearm at him. He does not move his arm in a way that would suggest he is trying to conceal his presence in the vicinity of the gun. He does not react in a suspicious manner, nor does he immediately dismount as if the gun has been mistakenly pulled out of his hand.

Three things become evident. First, the attendant is so far away from the vehicle that he has to have the vehicle fully inflated before he has the opportunity to close the door of the car before walking towards the passengers of the car. And of course, he had to have the door of the car fully inflated before it was open for him to come in. Second, and more compelling, is the fact that the attendant moves his arm on the rear wheel of the vehicle that has been opened; and third, he continues his ritual of making small movements as if he is trying to reach a catch by moving his arms on the rear wheel.

III. CCTV footage from another distance, showing the vehicle of the suspect making a U-turn at close range before the taxi driver stops at the gate, and making another further U-turn while making a grand U-turn to the opposite side of the road, with the same detained taxi driver as an alleged accomplice. In both cases, the suspect is being observed stepping from the car before getting back into it. In this case he stands on the driveway of a garage and walks in, leaves and then walks back up to the access point.

IV. CCTV footage from a distance, showing the passenger of the car making a suicide-oath and firing the gun to kill himself. After firing the first shot he moves to get to his waist while leaving the door open. Then he abandons the car and makes the U-turn to the opposite side of the road.

V. CCTV footage from a distance, showing a still image of the rifle that apparently appears to be an M16 rifle. He bends down to pick up the weapon and continues to walk towards it when the attendant gets to his side of the gate.

The detective on duty told me that at the time of this incident, it appeared to be a case of an “obstructing a free flow of traffic.” It appeared to be a case of attempted murder. We had to detain the suspect because he was basically carrying a lethal weapon at close range for an extended period of time.

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